Aromatherapy Treatments Can Be Studied Clinically & Effectively

Have you considered how little credit is given to aromatherapy and its effectiveness, yet the perfume industry spends billions of dollars on research, in creating the latest, greatest perfume?

Why the disparity?
Because small differences in aromas can make a big difference in our lives. This is true on and off the aromatherapy treatment table!

See the Quick and Easy Experiment below. Found at:

The quality of essential oils
Not all essential oils are the same. A randomised, double-blind trial of essential oils from two different species of lavender, topically applied on post-cardiotomy patients revealed that the quality of the oil is an important factor in determining the efficiacy of its use.

28 patients were randomly selected to receive aromatherapy massage with one of the two essential oils on two consecutive days, and their emotional and behavioural stress levels were evaluated both before and after the treatment.

The results revealed that the therapeutic effects of the two lavenders were clearly different; one was almost twice as effective as the other, thereby disproving the hypothesis that aromatherapy, using topical application of essential oils, is effective purely because of touch, massage or placebo.

Buckle J. Nurs Times (ENGLAND) May 19-25 1993, 89 (20) p32-5

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