CFA School Profile: Margaret Donaldson-Kuntz

Every month, the CFA will be profiling a new member and school.  This month’s school profile is with Margaret Donaldson-Kuntz who is in the process of founding her own aromatherapy school.  I caught up with her to get the details!

1. what made you decide to open an aromatherapy school?

Aromatherapy is truly my passion and I have always had a love for teaching it. My appreciation and concern about the misuse of the term aromatherapy also prompted me towards a goal of educating the public about the correct use of essential oils. As a starting point, I conduct ‘Introduction to Aromatherapy’ workshops and I participate in wellness expos for the public’s further edification. Often I get queries about teaching aromatherapy. When people truly understand what this modality comprises, they are both impressed and empowered. They are then able to make better choices, and it is very satisfying to see participants express interest in pursuing aromatherapy in greater depth, whether for personal use or as a career choice.

2. what courses will you be offering?

My course offering comprises the following (In alphabetical order):

Anatomy & Physiology

Aromatic Chemistry


Business Practice

Case Studies

Essential Oils

Expanded Application

Materia Aromatica



3. how long have you been in the field of aromatherapy?

I began taking aromatherapy workshops in the mid-nineties, then I was finally able to sign up for the full course, graduating in 1998.

4. where is your school located?

My school doesn’t have a physical address yet as I am in the process of re-structuring, but it will be in the greater Peterborough area.

5. tell us what makes your school/program different?

My approach to teaching aromatherapy will be value-enhanced, as I am also a Reiki Master and a Healer. Therefore, in addition to the science of the full complement of required course modules, I bring a certain art and sensibility for the further edification of the learners.

6. when will your school be opening?

My school will be opening in 2011, exact date t.b.d.

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