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Join us in our ongoing discovery of all that aromatherapy has to offer to the client and to the aromatherapist. Our Q & A with Sharon DeRose is below.

Q How long have you been working as an aromatherapist?

A – I’ve been certified as an Aromatherapist for 7 years, but it hardly seems like work. Since herbology has been a huge part of my life for over 20  years I’ve yet to stop studying any aspect of it.   My first couple years as an Aromatherapist were spent using oils in clinical treatments alongside reflexology and other modalities.  Then I started designing my own natural skin care products and now it’s become my mission to provide quality education in natural product making ensuring that students leave with an appreciation of the oils they have at their disposal.    As with any other profession, you’re only as good as your tools.

Q What was the most surprising aspect of aromatherapy for you when you started studying?

A – I had already studied Iridology, Chinese Herbology, Kinesiology  and I could not believe when I got started with Aromatherapy that I had lived this long and not been exposed to essential oils.   I was hooked and still use it almost every day in all aspects of my life.   It combines so nicely with all other modalities.  It’s simple, inexpensive to use and as a result we have a very low incidence of illness in my home.

Q What has been them most surprising aspect of aromatherapy to date?

A – I was most surprised to discover through my practice that oils have amazing application to spiritual healing.  My course of study basically covered physical and mental traits but it was the discovery of the spiritual aspects of healing  that most intrigued me and its what I’ve focused most on  in the past few years. I truly believe that nothing happens physically that hasn’t been predicated  by an emotional or spiritual shift.    A very special friend gave me a copy of Robbi Zecks Blossoming heart book several years ago and it’s been my best friend since.  My clients love that I can dowse for their most helpful oils and that sometimes it takes such a small amount to effect enormous change.

Q What is your favorite part of aromatherapy and working with essential oils?

A – I truly believe there is an oil for every conceivable need and it’s not the same for each person, which makes the process of blending such an  adventure.  It’s all about creating energetic balance for each client which can change from treatment to treatment.   Aside from the sensory delight, my favourite part of working with aromatherapy is being the messenger.  When clients give me all the credit for making them feel better, I remind them I’m simply an agent of nature, “the vehicle charged with delivering a powerful herbal message”.   It’s way too much fun!

Q Can you share one point or highlight of aromatherapy with the world?

A – So many mini miracles come to mind but on a personal level a few years ago, I broke my arm and wrist in a slip and fall at my front door.   Home alone, I quickly mixed Helichrysium in some carrier oil and smothered my arm and wrist, wrapped myself in ice and drove to the hospital.  After the typical 6 hour wait I was told it wasn’t likely broken just sprained but I insisted on x-rays.   The Dr. couldn’t believe when they discovered my radius was fractured and my wrist broken in 3 places  as there wasn’t much swelling and absolutely no bruising. He said that it would be a difficult heal based on the x-rays and that I would have instant arthritis and pain in my wrist (not good news when you need your hands for a living).  I was told I wouldn’t be able to do massage again as I’d likely have no flexibility in my wrist. I continued to rub the oils under my cast every day and when the cast came off the Dr. was shocked that I didn’t have the usual shrivelled dead skin arm.  I very quickly regained my full mobility of my arm and wrist and to date there hasn’t been any pain at all.  I’m not surprised in the least as it is what I expected from this most precious Corsican oil.  Despite its cost I never go without it in my aromakit.

Q If you could place essential oils & aromatherapy programs into any one occupation as part of the work environment, which would you choose? Why?

A – I would design Essential Oils 101 for Teachers…a valuable tool for their work environment.   So much good would come from diffusing oils, aside from the antibacterial and antiviral properties that would reduce illness.    Research has shown how essential oil therapy can assist with stress, hyperactivity, learning disabilities … effect so many changes on so many levels.  I’m grateful that both of my children grew up with herbs and oils as part of their life.  They have the skills to help themselves through the rough patches.   I wish that for every child and I think it could easily started in the classroom.  

Q Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

A – In my dreams I’m working under the tattered awning of my modest dirt floor hut on a beach in Malaysia dispensing herbs and oil blends and giving treatments to the locals before my afternoon nap, but until I can retire I’d like to open an old fashioned style Natural Apothecary Shop with herbs and oils, healing teas, natural treatments and good quality natural body care products.   I’ve always had a strong interest in crafting and training,  and as I’ve been leaning heavily towards education this past few years I’d like  additional classroom space to continue my passion for offering quality workshops in Natural Product Making and Health Care.   My motto has always been:  Live, Learn and Pass it On!

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