Healing Fragrances… “beginning of all beginnings”

Interview with Danielle Sade, owner of Healing Fragrances, Aromatherapy School and Essential Oils Supplier.

by Monika Meulman

Q1. Healing Fragrances is your company & school name. How did you decide on that name?

That’s a very interesting question! I think it all started when I began to explore chemical constituents, I recall being fascinated with the idea that a fragrance is healing. Along with my more philosophical anthropological interest, I also quoted “Within the beginning of all beginnings heavenly fragrances will appear”. When I was ready to package the knowledge of essential oils the only term that sounded right to me was Healing Fragrances School of Aromatherapy.

Q2. Your previous profession as a naturopath gives you a very strong foundation in health and the human body. How has that education, training, and practice supported your work as an aromatherapist and aromatherapy educator?

The beauty of Aromatherapy is that it compliments practically every healing and lifestyle modality. I consider Aromatherapy the “Apothecary of holistic health” and it works well when integrating natural wholesome living and physical activity. I use my naturopathic skills and philosophy of “Elimination before healing!” This supports and prepares the body to heal itself. “ Wholesome food is the source of nutrients that the body needs to build up healthy cells and essential oils and their practice have a dual dimensional healing that recruits the para-sympathetic nervous system and at the same time the essential oils support the immune system with their microbial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antiviral, sedating bio-activity. This supports the body as a whole and puts in a path to healing and strengthens.

Q3. In previous talks and presentations, you have dealt greatly with the chemical bonds, chemical blending of essential oils. Is that your greatest passion in aromatherapy?

Chemistry is a science that deals with the nature of substances and the ways in which they act on, or combine with, each other. Therefore, I see life as a huge chemical composition. We are always reacting and responding. “ Physically, Mentally & Spiritually “ Essential oils are a chemical result of an individual plant, also taking into mind that no plant in this universe are the same so it will yield a different compositions within each distillations, due to these factors. So when I get a new result from a GC, it is like discovering a new oil all the time. On a different note I am always amazed when I discover how one chemical constituent that comes in trace amounts has such a substantial affect on the overall activity of the essential oil.

Q4. If you could secure funding with a research institute, focusing on essential oils, what area of study would you investigate? Dermal applications, Limbic system, Sense of Smell, Chemical breakdown of essential oils? Another area?

All the above are phenomenal subjects to investigate. However, I see that our society has more of a need for research in microbiology. Strains of diseases are getting harder to address with conventional medicine, while we as aromatherapist know that essential oils are phenomenal in prevention of bacteria and virus also support the immune system to cope with invading diseases. Pharmacopeia is also a great interest of mine. “Do not forget one of the major tasks of an aromatherapist is formulating the essential oils for a specific pathological target” I would love to know what happens to a synergy when it has been formulated for more than 24 hours. We know the smell changes however, we are not sure of how the chemicals have changed and what significant effects the formula has within the formula. By knowing the significant changes in the constituents we would understand how the synergy is activated. This would play a great role in the scope of an Aromatherapy practice.

Q5. Where do you see the Aromatherapy industry, in Canada, in 10 years?

It really depends on the research, development and the level of education on essential oils and practice.

A well educated aromatherapist should have the skill to be able to fit into a clinical environment and practice with essential oils and compliment any form of treatment professionally and safely. If we do reach a high academic standard, I see aromatherapy moving very quickly into institutions and common practice in everyday living.

Q6. What is your advice to a young aromatherapist or aromatherapy student?

We are pioneering in Aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is a very sophisticated science that has many schools of thought. Unfortunately there is a lot of theory out there without substantial evidence. Do not feed into information or theory without investigating it completely. Use the practice with researched knowledge and not by commercialized information to promote a sale.
Objectively, “I would say “Join the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapist” Reason is, belonging to an association that has strong foundation gives the ability to grow in Aromatherapy. This association thrives on growth and development in aromatherapy. The career of an aromatherapist is very much reliant of on a strong association that will stand on behalf of the practice of Aromatherapy and Aromatherapist. As an association it can lobby professional aromatherapy and bring greater results then an individual.

Danielle Sade B.Sc & C.A.H.P.

You may reach Danielle at:

Healing Fragrances
Thornhill/ Ontario
tel. (416)427-2228
e-mail: infoathealingfragrances.net

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