Province Apothecary – Home Grown Aromatherapy Love with Julie Clark

Recently we caught up with Julie Clark, owner of Province Apothecary, to find out more about this CFA member full of national pride.

We spoke about her beginnings, her undertakings and her vision for the future. Enjoy our CFA member in the Spotlight series.


CFA: When did you join the CFA?

JC: This past year


CFA: Where have you come from, you are located in Toronto now but have you always?

JC: I was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, but five years ago I lived in New York. It was there that I first became interested in natural skin care, because I wanted better self care products.


CFA: How did you begin your aromatherapy training, your aromatherapy journey?

JC: First, I studied with Jan Benham, at the Institute of Aromatherapy and focused on Aromacology. Then, I continued on with greater interest in the oils, chemistry and blending and joined Danielle Sade’s school of Healing Fragrances.


CFA: What is your focus in aromatherapy?

JC: I provide aromatherapy facials, create custom serums and skin care products for clients.



CFA: Your company is called ‘Province Apothecary’. Tell us a bit more about it, how you started and what your business mission is.

JC: I began Province Apothecary on my own. For training, I first worked in a spa, then began creating custom skin care formulas for friends and family.  I now have a home treatment space and see clients for facials and consultation. It has been a year now and my work is expanding.

My goal  for PA is to use raw materials and supplies from every province in Canada. However, this is not feasible just yet, since it’s my mission to be organic and Canada does not have that many organic plant resources yet.

I feel it’s important to give back to the farmers in Canada, and I hope that comes across in my brand also.  

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CFA: Currently what is your favorite aspect of your business?

JC: I am excited about developing perfumes. Especially hand crafted, blended aromatics. The aromas, the blending, the new creations.


CFA: We know that personal favorite essential oils change over time, but right now, what is your absolute favorite essential oil in your line up?

JC: That is tough too choose, but if I must select, I would say ylang-ylang is my favorite in face serums. And I do love neroli, geranium and rose.



If you would like to get in touch with Julie Clark, she can be found at:

Province Apothecary

Holistic Health Practitioner  |  Aromatherapist   |  Skincare Consultant

647 857 2062  |  1440A Dundas St. W #3 Toronto, Ontario, Canada M6J 1Y6












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