Lisa Leaman of Beyond Beauty Organics

In the fall we caught up with Lisa Leaman, of Beyond Beauty Organics, to learn about this CFA professional and her gorgeous aromatic business. 

Q. Lisa, how did you start out in this complementary health field of aromatherapy?

Britt_grad_June_2010_Western_girls_6f0b953f-5c1e-49de-a978-6dae0b1c75e1_compactLL: I started my business in 2010, initially as an aesthetician and reflexologist.  As I worked with my clients, I ventured into aromatherapy and offered facials, organic facials, skincare & body treatments. 


Q. In your business, what did you see was needed most?

 LL: In the aesthetics field, there was a great need for fresh, healthy and especially natural skin care products. I started making my own skin care line for the facial treatments. My clients started taking my handmade blends home and loved them. After a couple of years creating these blends, my daughter became pregnant and I knew I needed to add an organic baby skincare line.


Q. Did you always work in the health field?

LL: No, I worked in the corporate world and I felt I wanted a change. I also wanted to work from home. So I went back to school and opened up a spa in my home. The spa treatments were the starting block, which then led to aromatherapy and the creation of my organic skincare lines.


Q. Where did you decide to learn about aromatherapy?

LL: I studied with Danielle Sade, Healing Fragrances School of Aromatherapy. Her knowledge and professional skills are excellent. I also had some excellent training with Sharon de Rose and studied Reflexology with Sue Todd. 


Q. Where did you get your creative ideas and designs from?

LL: I drew my inspiration for the products from the needs of my family, clients and friends.  Creative design ideas and website were mostly from the help of my family as well.  My three daughters each have an integral part in our family business including social media, sales & marketing and even labelling and shipping.


Q. What would you use for the winter to prepare the skin:


  • Definitely use a gentle moisturizing cleanser made preferably with organic ingredients such as: jojoba, sunflower, apricot, frankincense and rose, which cleanses without stripping the skin of its natural oils.  
  • Best time to wash the face is at night to remove the build up of dirt, grime and pollutants that have accumulated on the skin during the day, as well as any makeup. 
  • I recommend a facial serum at night to allow the skin to breathe, heal and rejuvenate while you sleep. 
  • Then, a simple rinse in the morning, followed by a moisturizer or balm, for during the day to hydrate and protect from the elements.


Q. Is daily skin care enough?

LL: I would recommend a topical exfoliant 2-3x week, to maintain smooth, healthy skin. Exfoliating the dry, dead skin cells speeds up the renewal process, allowing new healthy skin cells to take their place keeping the skin soft, smooth and bright.  Simple basic recipe: brown sugar blended with any carrier oil such as sunflower or olive oil. It is easy to use and easy to clean off and suitable for all skin types.


Q. What advice would you offer the average man or woman that wishes to care well for their skin?

LL: I am a firm believer of a basic skin care regime at the very minimum. Keep the pores clear and clean at night, followed by a nutrient rich serum allowing the skin to breathe and repair during sleep. And, a light moisturizer/balm for daytime use, to protect the skin outdoors.


Q. What are the big no-nos in skin care that you see:


  •  Cleanser – most conventional facial cleansers contain surfactants that strip the skin of their natural oils causing dry, irritated skin. People have a phobia about using oils on the face to cleanse. Cleansers that are made with oils dissolve and remove dirt without drying or damaging the skin.
  •  Not washing their skin at night. Removing the buildup of daytime dirt and grime before sleep is essential for clear, healthy skin.


Q. If someone is used to using a drug store brand, or synthetic materials, but wants to select a healthier option for skin, how do they begin?

LL: Best way to make the leap to natural skin care, is to ask a few questions:

What is your lifestyle? What are you willing to do? A natural skin care routine must fit into your lifestyle. Ignore the marketing out there. Be patient while your skin adjusts to the new routine.

Start simply with an all natural, pure made cleanser and moisturizer. And you will start enjoying healthy skin.


Q. Any last comments?

LL: Keep it simple. 

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