Spring 2015

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Pam Conrad – 2015 CFA AGM
Topic:Women’s Health & Clinical Aromatherapy

ONLINE Ongoing:

Our professional CFA member Michelle Reynolds hosts a weekly chat and you are more than welcome to take part!
If you are interested or need more information please contact Michelle at .
Here is some more information.  (Remember, these chats can help with CEU’s.)

Who: Everyone is welcome

What: A weekly chat on aromatherapy and essential oils

When: Monday evenings at 9pm EST

Where: Twitter –

Why: To discuss and explore the benefits of aromatherapy

How: Follow the hashtag #EOTherapy

Each week, we discuss a different essential oil or hydrosol, a chemical type or discussing a specific ailment. If you are interested in learning more about essential oil therapy, please join us.

It is easier to follow a Twitter chat, if using a third party application, such as or  (also available via google Chrome on your google+ account).
This way, only tweets with that specific hashtag are seen. Note that the number of characters available is shortened by the hashtag.

We will also be posting our tweets on Facebook, for those of you who do not have a Twitter account.


Fall 2014 Aromafest -Robert Tisserand Seminar: Education and Advances in Aromatherapy
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Spring 2014 Aroma Business Conference & CFA AGM
May 30-June 1st Niagara Falls, Ontario

CFA AROMAFEST 2013 – Farida Irani


CFA Annual General Meeting 2012

The Use of Essential Oils in the Cancer Care and Palliative Care Environments

National CFA Palliative Care Symposium – Toronto Event – 2011
Ayurveda Aromatherapy with Farina Irani – Toronto Event – 2011
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