Do I have to pay the full price for membership and insurance no matter when I join throughout the year?

Membership and professional liability insurance is pro-rated throughout the year.

What insurance do I need to practice as an aromatherapist?

The minimum requirement is mal-practice insurance for any body treatments you provide as a professional. The specific coverage may change from province to province. Also, the insurance may need to cover basic blending and product creation for custom treatments provided for home use.

How can I join the CFA if I have been practising for many years and did not complete my training through a CFA approved school, or have not been practicing for several years and would like to get back into the profession?

We look at each applicant on a case by case basis. We require your course transcripts (if available), and copies of your Aromatherapy certificate, CV and references. If you currently belong to other aromatherapy associations we require a copy of your membership. Copies of certificates from courses/workshops you have completed in Aromatherapy or related fields. Also, you may be asked to complete 2/3 case studies or write the CFA National Exam. In some cases if you have not been practicing for a considerable time we may recommend a re-fresher course.

How can I become involved with the CFA as a volunteer?

Send us an email to find out more about the events and online meetings that occur every month within our committees. We have committees for membership, legal, research, education, & media/marketing. If any of these appeal to you give us a call. Or, you can join us on the forum and get to know some of the members and find out what they are doing as well.

What are CEU’s and why do I need them?

CEUs are Continuing Education Credits. Currently, you are required as a CFA professional member to receive 12 CEUs every 2 years. These can be attained by joining ongoing education courses in aromatherapy schools, reviewing research papers or writing articles and submitting them to the CFA for posting & review, by volunteering on one of our many committees, or providing public education classes on aromatherapy of your own. If you are not sure if a course you are taking as a student or wish to teach to the public arena is applicable email us so we can review it.
CEU Information