What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are non-oily aromatic liquids occurring naturally in various parts of plants, herbs, flowers, fruits, woods and spices. They contain the life force of the plant and have the ability to strengthen our immune system and to stimulate our body’s natural healing abilities. To get a quality essential oil – ask a professional aromatherapist or your local CFA approved school

How to use Essential Oils: A Brief Summary

Essential Oils are highly concentrated and should not be used directly on the skin or near the eyes. Using oils neat on the skin can create a rash, itching, an allergic reaction, and even severe pain.

They must always be diluted in a suitable carrier oil for massage, blended with soap, oil, or bath dispersant when adding to bath water.

Essentials oil should be kept away from children and pets and stored in dark-coloured
glass bottles away from sunlight and heat.

Certain essential oils are contra-indicated for pregnancy, sunbathing and some health problems. There are many excellent books on Aromatherapy. We suggest that you familiarize yourself by reading some of these publications which we are sure will enhance your enjoyment of Aromatherapy

Uses and Applications of Aromatherapy Treatments
Aromatherapy can be used in a variety of ways for many benefits: Massage, Inhalers, Baths, Foot-baths, Vaporizers, Compresses, Diffusers, Skin care, Meditation and Deodorizers.