Reasons for Taking a CFA Course

  • Receive instruction from an approved instructor and an accredited school
  • Attain membership in a world recognized aromatherapy association
  • Receive an official aromatherapy designation CAHP® (Certified Aromatherapy Health Professional)

We approve the school’s Aromatherapy Certification Course curriculum that is submitted at the time of application.

The CFA does NOT oversee the facilities of approved schools and does NOT assume any responsibility for the quality or method of instruction used.

Synopsis of Core Curriculum – for CFA education, for professional aromatherapists

Core Curriculum synopsis for students who are considering attending a school not under the CFA banner.

This document provides you with a synopsis of requirements to meet the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapy standard. These standards must be met in any curriculum in order to be eligible to take the CFA entrance or challenge exam.