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Sponsorship Opportunities

This international event is hosted and organized by Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists (CFA), established in 1993, the largest professional aromatherapy association in Canada with members from all over the world.

The CFA’s objective of the fall event is to:

  • Promote and make professional aromatherapy known in Canada and internationally
  • Create opportunities to network and learn from other professionals
  • Expand the knowledge and credibility of aromatherapy in Canada and beyond
  • Create access to business to business opportunities by connecting professionals and eligible business partners.

Sponsorship of the CFA conference is an incredible opportunity for businesses or practitioners that align with these objectives! Additionally, our sponsors are provided with advertising in our conference proceedings, social media, have the option to provide member exclusive offers, Instagram and our premium paid social media ads.

All sponsors benefit from…

  • A website link to their company website as soon as sponsorship is registered with us and maintained until after the event ends.
  • Their logo in the event materials provided to attendees.
  • Maximum coverage with logos being displayed on the slides at the beginning and end of each presentation (8 occasions).
  • Contributing flyers/ products for the conference bags (quantity required: 100)

Typical Profile of CFA participants

  • Primarily women 30-70 years • Well-educated, socioeconomic status: middle to high
  • Mostly persons linked to health-related professions: Certified Aromatherapy Health Professional (CAHP), holistic therapists, aromatherapy educators, massage therapists, reiki practitioners, nurses, pharmacists, doctors, university researchers, university students taking degree programs in complementary therapies or herbal medicine…

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