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6 Kingfisher Court, St. Thomas N5R 0B6, Ontario

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I am a Certified Aromatherapy Health Professional with a deep respect for the healing properties found in the gifts of nature.  I believe that the earth provides everything that we need to live our best lives possible.  The power is all around us.  My mission is to help you unleash that power – because you deserve to feel great – naturally!!

I offer Aroma Massage and Aroma Facials using a customized blend of 100% pure, naturally organic essential oils customized especially for you.  Want to talk about how to use essential oils safely to support your wellness lifestyle - come see me for a Wellness Consult.

I love the healing power and energy of natural crystals and offer a wide variety of aromatherapy bracelets, keychains and meditation malas - all handmade using natural crystals.

I am a Professional Member of the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists and an active member of the Elgin Business Women’s Network.

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6 Kingfisher Court, St. Thomas N5R 0B6, Ontario

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